This system is in beta. If you encounter issues, please contact support.

Securely request or share utility data

El Paso Electric Company is using Green Button Connect, a data standard to provide residential and business energy customers with more choice in how you access your electricity usage data. Green Button applications can analyze this data to provide customers with personalized ways to increase energy efficiencies. This will help customers save money on their monthly bills and reduce demand on the energy system. All you need to do is click below to get started.

For Third Party Providers
Register Already registered? Go to your dashboard

Third Parties who wish to be registered and onboarded onto the Green Button Platform to be showcased as an available application in our Green Button marketplace will be required to submit a registration form.

For Customers

The Green Button Connect My Data (CMD) standard allows customers to authorize direct, secure transfer of their energy usage data to third parties that can assist them with ways to potentially manage and conserve energy.